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Friedland is an acclaimed multi-talented Israeli lyricist, composer, singer, narrator, producer & publisher. He was born on 3rd September 1963 and is now living in Kfar Saba.
Among other things,Baruch is the Winner of ACUMI’s (The Association of Songwriters, Composers, Arrangers and Music Publishers in Israel) Golden Feather Award for Best-Unpublished Songs1999-2000. In March 2000, he was elected to be a Member on ACUM’s board of directors. Since 1999, Baruch was selected to be a Music Expert for theIsraeli Ministry of Absorption.  Memebr of FIDOF (1994-1999).                 
Since 1986 released over 150 songs (most of them singles), performed by various famous Israeli singers, including six albums, a rock opera, three plays, radio & television commercials, scores for TV & radio shows, sketches and more.

             In 1993 Friedland released the first of his Doppler Effect albums as a singer-songwriter, which topped the Israeli charts for 3 consecutive weeks with his hit single “Stumbling on Heaven”.Many more of his songs, performed by him and by various Israeli singers such as Doron Mazar, Duo Datz, Dafna Dekel, The Reeding Gimel, Adam, Golda, Shlomi Shabat, Pop Up girl band, Etc. toped the charts and many others went top-ten. His song “Soon” (Mekitz El HaChalom), originally released in 1988 by Gali Atari,the 1979 Eurovision Song Contest winner (“Hallelujah”), became an Israeli classic, sold over triple platinum and is still being performed by many artists including Zehava Ben and lately by Israel’s No.1 singer RITA & Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, Ninet Tayeb -the first winner of the Israeli version of “American Idol” TV show (going triple platinum again), Etc…
            After producing his English promo album Baruch Friedland – 21 Demos in 1994, his songs have been released in Europe as a singer (Barry Friedland) as well as a songwriter. Among them is Friedland’s “afro-dance” song “Apatti”, released in 1996 by The Gibson Brothers(Cuba, Que Sera Mi Vida, Etc.) on their album Move On Up.
His song “Doctor DJ” participated in the Israeli Pre-Eurovision Song Contest in December 2000. Another song, “Louise” performed by Baruch and D.T.Hoile (Duo Doppler) represented Israel in the 42nd edition of the Vina del Mar prestigious Song Festival in Chileon February 2001. Duo Doppler also represented Israel at the 3rd edition of Universetalent Song Festival in Prague, Czech Republic, on November 2001 with their song “Too Many Nights”. Baruch also performed successfully at the Israeli Song Festival on April 2001 with his hit “Bishvilcha” (For you).
Baruch represented Israel as an artist (and won prizes) in many more festivals and musical events: Macedonia (twice), Lithuania(audience favorite), Bulgaria (guest star), Kazakhstan (best arrangement), Romania, Spain (UNESCO), France (UNESCO) and Ireland (Special award). His songs where also performed in Turkey (Pammukalle Song Festival), Slovakia (Lyra Song Festival) and Belarus (Golden Shlyager Song Festival).
In October 2000, he represented Israel (appointed by the Foreign Affairs Office) together with world known songwriters in Music Bridges – an international songwriting project that took place in Hanover, Germany, in conjunction with the Expo 2000, writing with Eleanor McEvoy (“Only a Woman’s Heart”) from Ireland, a song writer from Lebanon and Allan Rich (“I’m Gonna Run To You / Bodyguard – Whitney Houston) from the USA – just to mention a few. In August 2003 he represented Israel at the D’Pop Co-Writing Week organized by TG Management & Publishing in Denmark, writing new songs with European songwriters and producers, such as Soren Madsen (Michael Learns to Rock).

As a producer he booked performances in Europe and Asia for known Israeli artists such as Yosefa,Haya Samir and Yirmi Kaplan and international artists like The Gibson Brothers (France, Belgium)and Nabil Salameh (Radio Darwish, Italy).
In ‘94 Baruch founded ZIKIDISC & Baruch Friedland Publishing – his music label & publishing company, producing albums for him (The Doppler Effect – Changing Colors/ 1995, Searching for Baruch Friedland/ 1998), as well as for other artists, among them: David Mizrachi (1995) – an unusual Rock artist, Tom’s True Story (1996) – a unique Progressive-ambient group, David Ori (1997) – a contemporary Classic composer, ECO (B.Friedland & D.T.Hoile – 1998), A Pop-Rock duo, winners of the Grand Prix of the AACI English song competition & an “Honorable Mention” by MusicMedia – RadioWaves, Canada, Ilan Guetta (1999). Ilan Guetta Plays J.S. Bach Electric with JRB Records / USA, and Amitai (2000), a powerful Rock singer… Etc.

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